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Open Source laboratory information management systems

LIMS/LIS, portal content and workflow management · 1 Stop lab management solution. bika (bi:ka Zulu) report, from clan to clan, bring news of weddings, births, festivals and funerals. tell it as it is

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Bika LIMS Benefits

  • Real-time analysis and sample tracking
Shorten turn-around time
Increase lab capacity
  • Eliminate human error
Improve accuracy and certainty
Data at your finger tips
Reduced administration and maintenance
  • Easy accreditation
Enhanced quality control
ISO 17025 ready
  • Unsurpassed client satisfaction
  • Low cost of ownership
Free public license
Unlimited users
No license fees
  • Customised to requirement
  • Easy installation
No desktop disruption
No on-site technicians required
Easy integration with downstream systems
  • Robust industry-standard Linux
State of the art security
  • Easy to use · Web based
  • Central Web portal management
Document version control
Easy browser based editing of training material, SOPs, promotions, news and events
The power of Plone CMS
  • Professional support
No vendor lock-in
Dynamic Open Source community

Bika Features

Bika web based Open Source LIMS flow diagram 2016

  • Workflow
Batching per project, work order or case
Sample partitioning and storage, chain of custody
Analysis prioritisation
Pending task alerts
Upload microscope photos, raw data and other file attachments to individual results, analysis requests, worksheets and batches
Results invalidation and retesting workflow

Analysis statuses: sampled, preserved, received,
assigned, cancelled, to be verified, verified,
invalid and published
  • Bika Roles
Configurable roles and authorisation using
Plone's unrivalled security
: Client contacts, lab clerks, samplers, preservers, analysts, verifiers, publishers, lab managers, regulatory inspectors and system administrators
  • User Interfaces
Web based, multilingual browser access
Android tablet user interface
Results by email, PDF, Fax, CSV and SMS
Results graphed per analysis and sample point
Powerful live search engine
Import legacy and configuration data
  • Automation
Instrument interfaces
Barcode printing and scanning
ERP and accounts integration
Bulk analysis request imports
Preservation & container automation

Templates for sampling rounds, analysis profiles and requests, worksheets and reference specifications

Configurable calculations and worksheet
adjustment factors

Configurable regular full and incremental backups
  • Total Quality Management
Method, analysis and instrument integrity
Reference analyses and specifications
Instrument calibration certificates, maintenance
Product specifications
Out of range alerts
QC reports and graphs
Logs and audit trails
  • Finance & Management
Invoices. Exports
Supply Inventory and Orders
Batching per production run, production stage reports
Late analysis alerts and turnaround reports
Price lists
Management and efficiency reports. Queries
PDF and spreadsheet exports
  • Web corner
Utilising the portal content management features inherited from the Plone framework Bika is built in, powerful document management and capacity building tools are available to support laboratories in building and sustaining expertise

It’s a highly robust and secure platform - benefiting from the speed, reliability and power of Linux

What sets Bika apart

Global status tracking · Integrated CMS


ISO 17025 ready

Tailor-made · LiveSearch

Price · Support · Open Source

Help centre, manuals, training and support on-line

Secure · SSL encryption·Digital site certification

[FSF Associate Member]

Free Software Foundation
associate member 

Demonstration Installations

Universal ISO 17025 ready LIMS
Brochure Lite 1.9 MB pdf, Print 6.2 MB

Bika Health - open source web based LIMS  for health laboratories
Bika 'LIS' for Health care laboratories, CLIA ready
Brochures Lite 1.7 MB pdf, Print 4.2 MB
  • Patients, clinical Cases, Doctors & Referring institutions
  • Medical history, treatments, immunizations, allergies and travel
  • Publish results to referring institutions, doctors and patients as applicable
  • Life threat alerts
  • ICD Symptom and disease classification
  • Patient privacy
  • CLIA and EMR ready
  • Case Reports
  • Patient history graphs

Bika 3 User manual

Download and Install

 Installation Guides


 Bika LIMS  Bika Health

Bika Customers say

BBK – Certified wine bottling co-operative. Worcester, South Africa. Adel Stander, Lab Manager:
Quick, easy and hassle free. The Bika LIMS halved our paper work. The automated results publication, instrument interfaces and query functions are winners. Our analysts spend their time much more productively in the lab and far less on client queries. Highly efficient.
Sri Lanka Medical Research Institute. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dr. Uditha Perera, Medical Officer:
You will not be able to get this kind of support even if you pay millions of rupees to commercial software companies to develop a LIMS.
Dr. Anil Samaranayake, Director:
After the success and high levels of user enthusiasm and satisfaction we are in the process of introducing the system to all departments. The Pharmacology department is now run entirely through the system without any paper-based backups taking place. We are satisfied that the quality of the final product is acceptable for the purpose for which it is intended.
Quantum Analytical Services. Malmesbury, South Africa
Chemical and microbiological analytical services in the agricultural industry to Sub-Saharan Africa. Patrick Griffiths, CEO:
In all my years of laboratory management I have rarely come across a similar situation where mutual trust and an honest desire to look after the interests of a client is placed before financial gain.
Centro de Investigación en Contaminación Ambiental, IAEA, Argentina
Bika Inkosi in pesticide residue and contaminant analysis of soil and water in Central and Latin America by the IAEA's Food and Environmental Protection program. Marcos Cruz, IAEA fellow:
I acknowledge the great work they have done on this product. Working under the Open Source philosophy, is very comfortable because it is a way to share and show work. I thank each of you for your knowledge, care and commitment. I congratulate you as a human and professional group.
The City of uMhlathuze. KZN, South Africa. Public water quality management laboratory. Neeran Maharaj, Lab Manager:
Bika Water is an Open Source leader in this lab discipline.
South African Wine Laboratory Association. Inter-laboratory round-robin proficiency testing. Altus Schreuder, Chairman:
Your expertise and attitude continue to impress. I'm really happy to be on board with Bika.
Tecnologías Informáticas Productivas, Guatamala. Guillermo Arana, Manager Training and Technical Support:
Sois LA BOMBA! (You are THE BOMB!)
Bika Interlab thumbnail
Web-based LIMS for inter-laboratory proficiency testing
Bika Interlab 2 is currently nearing completion and will be available as hosted solution at Please page over there to participate in PT Rounds or host your own

SaaS · Cloud based

Hosted LIMS Service

      • Low risk and capital outlay
      • Simplify budgets and pricing
      • Unlimited users
      • Full functionality branded to lab colours
      • No technical personnel required on site

Bika Server

On-site server per broadband Internet connection

Implementation, training and start-up support · Email, dial-in, screen sharing, on-line issue tracking and telephonic user and technical support buckets - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems