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Why Bika?

Implementing Bika Wine with 1 instrument interface, but without accounts or production system interfaces, Bika anchor client BBK achieved:

  • a 60% reduction in turnaround time. BBK is now a same day results lab with only the real analysis time preventing further improvements

  • doing 40% more analyses with a staff increase of 12%. Unfortunately only 30% of BBK clients actively use the web interface. Shifting more of them onto the web should improve productivity further

  • an empty customer complaints register, a reduction of 100%

  • though the BBK LIMS is not interfaced with an accounting system, monthly statements are printed from the LIMS at the push of a button in a fraction of the time required earlier

  • considerably less time spent by analysts on the phone or compiling reports

SAWLA, the South African Wine laboratory association, using ground breaking Bika Interlab for their web based proficiency testing scheme, eliminated a 2-3 week turnaround, providing statistical results on-line and allowing for participant labs to take corrective actions on a much more timely basis

If you are not convinced yet:

Bika LIMS is not going away

With established market traction and profile, strong user and developer community, Bika's LIMS solutions will continue to grow and maintain its position as leading Open Source LIMS

There are currently 85 members subscribed to the Bika developers mailing list, 240 to the user list, 40 LIMS designers and analysts and 70 participants on a list dedicated to the Bika Health branch

Bika LIMS 1 and 2 were downloaded more than 45 000 times. Gaob Bika 3 is installed using BuildOut and no count is kept

Gaob Bika LIMS 3 is the 3rd major version of Bika, benefiting from advances in Plone and a host of new functions sponsored by Bika clients

The Bika business model of combining community with professional support services is a proven one and has been successfully implemented by big companies such as MySQL, Canonical (Ubuntu Linux), Sun Microsystems (Open Office) and many others. It is increasingly seen as a superior way forward

Built for the future. An investment

Using modern web based technology Plone, Bika had the foresight to integrate a web content management system into its LIMS and started a trend. It is now being copied by proprietary competitors

Plone is currently used by organisations as diverse as NASA, Oxfam, eBay, Nokia, Novell and the CIA for content management. Programming language Python is growing from strong academic roots and was chosen as basis for development by companies like Google and many others in the scientific community

Service driven

Bika software can be downloaded for free. Our business rests solely on the professional service we offer, and quality is key

Professionally managed implementations

Bika implementations are not off the shelve installations but thoroughly planned implementation projects utilising the MITP project methodology

Purpose built and tailor made

To your exact requirement - software that works the way you do

Platform independent

Our LIMS won't hold you ransom to a specific operating system. Bika is platform independent and requires a browser on desktops or hand helds only. On the server, it can be installed on any of the Linux flavours Ubuntu, Redhat, etc, or MS Windows, Apple Mac, FreeBSD - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems