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Why web based?

It is important to know the difference between 'web enabled' and 'web based' systems, two distinctly different concepts and often confused

Web enabled implies a web interface added to legacy systems which might still require desktop installations of proprietary software and 'Fat client' hardware, sometimes only offering limited LIMS functionality via the web or browsers

Web based, or 'Thin client', systems are developed in web technologies from the ground up and deliver full functionality to the user's trusted browser on low specification PCs, without the need for disruptive and expensive desktop installations

Web based systems can be maintained remotely with no technical staff required on-site, lowering cost of ownership

Even higher capacity

Some tasks are shifted onto clients to free up lab staff further. Clients request analyses remotely and maintain their own contact information, product specifications and analysis templates. They track progress, query results and invoices on-line themselves, without interfering with analysts at work

Dramatically improved TAT (turn around time)

Results are available on-line immediately upon verification, directly thereafter per automated email, fax, export or SMS. Without paper handling and time wasting manual faxing or emailing

High Client satisfaction

Clients request an track progress of their samples on-line. Clear e-mailed and searchable results, automatically copied to 3rd parties and linked to on-line data, reduce queries and complaints

Central Web Content Management

On-line document management. All lab information in one place. Manage and publish documents such as lab procedures and analysis services, prices and promotions, news and events, safety, regulation and training material on-line. The LIMS' authorisation hierarchy applies and information can be directed at its intended audience, prospects, clients, staff or project teams

Lowered systems administrations costs

No expensive and disruptive desktop installations, web based LIMS requires browsers for users only. Software updates and maintenance are carried out remotely on a central server, reducing cost and IT requirements while delivering a solution that is easily expandable without interrupting business

Lower hardware requirement

For a browser based systems, hardware is used more efficiently and low specification PCs can be used. Where many work stations are required, this reduces the total cost of ownership significantly

Ease of access

Web based LIMS enables access for critical users external to the laboratory such as executives and partners. Remote clients can be given access to data for products they are interested in

Moreover, access can be delivered to portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and wi-fi connected laptops. For remote data queries but also entering field data or from the factory floor
Ease of use
A browser interface has the familiar web-site look and feel. Its use is intuitive, adoption easier, and keeps training costs low. This enables organisations to leverage their investment and reap the benefits of enhanced productivity sooner

Geographically distributed deployment

Web based systems can handle multiple sites, across different geographies if required. They are easy to internationalise through the translation of central dictionaries, removing language barriers. Clients and staff can look at the same data in different languages

SaaS. Software as a Service

Web based LIMS are often made available 'for rent' as on-line SaaS at low financial risk and capital outlay, simplifying budgets and pricing - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems