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For evolving enterprises like laboratories, under continual pressure to provide faster turnaround and superior deliverables, total cost of LIMS ownership, TCO, includes not only the upfront price of the hardware, software and installation, but also supporting and updating it

Because of the proprietary nature and scarcity of LIMS texts of the type required here, it is not possible to calculate costs and return on investment (ROI) from literature in the public domain. This document would be better used as guide in case studies undertaken by labs themselves

It is however clear that through the employment of LIMS, and specifically web based LIMS, gains can be made in the areas of

      • efficiency

      • productivity

      • accuracy

      • security

      • regulatory compliance

      • quality control

      • improved time to market

Alarmingly, 3% is the smallest error predicted for manual data transcription. LIMS reduces opportunities for these human errors and helps avoid risks for 'what if' scenarios and potentially disastrous outcomes such as product recalls

Further intangible 'soft' benefits are achieved through improving

      • employee morale

      • customer satisfaction

      • the organisation's competitive orientation

Not surprisingly, much more information is available from the transparent Open Source movement and an indisputable case can be made for the cost benefits of professionally supported Open Source LIMS, mainly through

      • near zero licensing fees

      • lower systems administration and support costs

      • lower hardware requirement

Soft benefits include

      • no vendor lock in

      • no fixed upgrade cycle

      • ease of customisation

Cost and synergistic advantages of the professionally supported open source model adopted by Bika Lab Systems, completes an overwhelming business case for LIMS and automation in laboratories - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems