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What makes Bika unique?

Web enabled LIMS has been around for nearly a decade now. Bika represents the next generation - CMS based LIMS

Built using cutting edge software technologies, Bika combines web content management and workflow processing for a one-stop ISO 17025 ready web-based LIMS

Bika is an open source solution, there is no vendor lock-in and your LIMS can be extended and tailored to exact requirement. Robust FOSS industry-standard platforms reduce the cost of LIMS ownership

Bika makes proprietary software unnecessary, yet integrates easily with existing systems

Online demonstration installations

Gaob Bika LIMS 3 RC1 screenshot                Bika Health 3 screen shot

  Gaob Bika LIMS 3                          Bika Health 3

Laboratory Web Portal - Content Management

Integrated CMS

ISO 17025 ready

Global status tracking






Bika is built in Plone and Zope, leading web content management combination, enabling laboratories to manage and publish multi media documents such as promotional prices and information on lab procedures, news and events, safety, regulation, HR and training material on-line

The LIMS' authorisation hierarchy applies and information can be directed at its intended audience. Additional project groups can be created to prepare and discuss material in private depositories shared with team members

No previous web design or publishing experience necessary. All standard multi media content types can be used

Plone adds news columns, events calendar, document management and more. By installing products such as Plone Help Centre, also Tutorials, Frequently asked Questions, Glossary definitions,  Movies, Manuals and How Tos in a searchable knowledge centre

Examples of currently available Plone add-ons are listed at, all open source and free. Bika Help Centre

ISO 17025 ready

Providing excellent traceability, security, and document management functionality, Bika's LIMS assisted labs in obtaining and maintaining

ISO 17025 accreditation since 2005 and passed regular accreditation audits by bodies as diverse as South African SANAS and Canadian CALA

Realtime sample tracking · From wherever you are

Through the web to your desktop, laptop, PDA or phone. SMS and e-mailed results and alerts
Internationalised in the language selected in the user's browser settings

Easy does it

No disruptive desktop installations - users access the LIMS using their well known browsers. Bika navigation is based on standard browser behaviour, reducing training requirements. Users are productive sooner

The LIMS itself easily configures using spread sheets into which legacy data can be integrated

Tailor-made · To requirement

All aspects of the LIMS can be configured to requirement. Adding new instrument interfaces are most popular

Lab requirements are analysed in early implementation phases and added to the specification. After development they are tested to acceptance by the lab

Affordability par none

Implementation and Support costs only · No license fees · Unlimited users
On open source platforms, no server, database or operating system licensing fees

Hosted LIMS Service
SaaS on the Cloud

Set-up and monthly subscription Low risk and capital outlay

Service driven  · Professionally supported commercial open source LIMS

Bika Lab Systems sustains itself as LIMS service provider through the dedication of a team experienced professionals. For all of the LIMS life cycle - requirement analysis and design, customisation, project management and quality control, systems integration and administration, implementation, hosting, training, user and technical support

We also provide cloud based on-line LIMS. Bika earns no revenue from licensing, our LIMS is released under the general public licence (GPL)

Bika Services · Bika Partners

To resolve the demand for geographically distributed support, we invite qualified service providers to become part of the Bika network. The invitation extends to suppliers who would want to see their lab instruments and applications interfaced with Bika

Bika Partners are trained and provided with technical support by Bika Lab Systems and accredited upon gaining acceptable track records and displaying high skills levels

Support is also available from the Bika community portal where a steady body of information is accumulating and members provide advice on mailing lists.

LiveSearch brings results to your finger tips

Lab Clients and personnel often cite Bika's Search function as the most powerful tool available in the LIMS - all of the database is searchable from this Google style function

Search results correspond to the user's authorisation profile

LiveSearch animation

LiveSearch from Plone ·Faster · More efficient · Instant

LiveSearch increases the value of Plone's search engine by simplifying the search process for instant results. As you type letters for a search, possible matches appear below the search box. Handy shortcut keys increase convenience and you don't have to leave your keyboard to navigate search results

This live feedback on searching makes finding things faster and more effective. Try it — you'll wonder how you managed without it!

Integrated CMS   ·   Global status tracking   ·   Easy   ·  ISO 17025 ready

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