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Bika Tribos

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Bika Tribos
LIMS for the Tribology Industry

Project Description

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Analysis and design for Bika Tribos 1, LIMS for Tribology labs, has been completed with client sponsorship by Exertus laboratories

We are looking forward to our first foray into results interpretation, taking advantage of exact interpretations of the chemical composition oil to monitor the condition of large engines and transformers

The specification can be found here:

Tribology topics covered include

  • Sample Sources and Sample points - Sample sources are reshaped to describe typical Sources like transformers or engines, each containing multiple Sample Points. AR profiles are expanded to include easy analysis requesting per Sample Source, ditto for results reports

  • Clients and Owners - Lab Clients don't necessarily own Sample Source, which might also change ownership and location

  • Calculated and dependent analysis results unique to tribology

  • Analysis Specifications per Diagnostic Specification, e.g. any of SNAS, IEC, IEEE, ASTM, IEC, IEEE, ASTM, Dunenburg, UC or Duval

  • Diagnostics itself to provide advice to the client for maintenance on

    the Sample Source using 'Causes and reasons' rules

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