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Roadmap for Bika Interlab

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An overview of the upcoming releases for this project. Participants in the project can add new features to the list.

If you want to see all the feature proposals available, go to the Improvement Proposal listing.

Bika Interlab 1 — 2006/07/31

Tested with Plone 2.1.2
State In progress
License GPL
Release Manager lemoene
Expected Release 2006/07/31

Bika Interlab for inter-laboratory proficiency testing

No improvement proposals associated with this release yet.

Bika Interlab 1.2 — 2007/10/20

Tested with Plone 2.5
State Final
License GPL
Release Manager Anneline Sweetnam
Proposal freeze 2007/10/01
Feature freeze 2007/10/01
Expected Release 2007/10/20
Repository branch ?group_id=145464

In addition to the Interlab 1.1 upgrade requested by project sponsors the SA Wine Laboratory Association, some bug fixes, performance and workflow enhancing modifications

Associated feature proposals

Being discussed
In progress
Ready for merge
#3: Interlab 1.1 upgrade (lemoene)
Completed and merged

Bika Interlab 1.1

Tested with Plone 2.5
State In progress
License GPL

Additional requirements by the sponsor SA Wine lab association

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