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Bika Interlab
THE BIKA SOFTWARE CENTRE WILL BE DISCONTINUED SHORTLY. All important information related to Bika Interlab will be available after its re-release in December.

Project Description

Additional resources

Bika Interlab 2 is currently nearing completion and will be available as hosted solution at

Please page over there to participate in PT Rounds or host your own

See the early edition of the Interlab 2 manual for improved graphs and statistical presentations


The project is best described by the case study, Paper to Web · Proficiency testing at the SA Wine Laboratory Association

An extract:

Effective proficiency testing is one of the tools employed by SAWLA towards its goal to improve the quality of their wine laboratory members, standardise methodology and provide a forum for communication and access to information

The proficiency testing scheme (PTS) runs on a monthly basis, two different wine samples per month. The scheme co-ordinator validates bulk wine as homogeneous in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, then bottles and distributes the samples

Member labs have a week to analyse the samples, on 15 different parameters, and submit their results on-line

In the on-line proficiency testing system it works like this: The PTS co-ordinator prepares the samples and creates a testing round on-line at the SAWLA web portal. The system automatically informs members per e-mail and provides relevant information about the sample type, distribution and closing date. Member labs fetch their samples, analyse them and enter their results on-line. A senior analyst or manager verifies the data

Bika open source LIMS for proficiency testing - Interlab Flow diagram

The system delivers immediate turnaround to members. When the testing round closes, they see their comparative stats and performance indicators on-line, graphically via distribution curves, method comparisons and chronological Z-value plots. They also receive their results per e-mail and it remains archived on-line.

Real Interlab distribution graph

Interlab distribution graph. Mean in green, logged in users see their own value in red

Results per method graph

Since the SAWLA system is built on a Content Management System (CMS) platform, it offers benefits in a dynamic interactive web portal at The SAWLA portal currently offers a Help centre with training videos, member list and statistics explanations

The system's CMS capabilities will now be exploited to the fullest in SAWLA's drive to have the system certified ISO compliant. It will serve as document repository for SAWLA's quality control manual, year plan, complaints register, corrective and preventative action forms and register, internal audits, management reviews and skills development packages

Interlab Z performance graph

Z performance graph

To further stimulate participation, member labs' performances are used to calculate scores per analysis round to determine and display a list of top 5 performers. Labs not making it into the top 5, see their own ranking and score in addition to the list

Proficiency Testing
The aim of Proficiency Testing - also known as Inter-Laboratory Comparison
 Programmes, ILCP, or Proficiency Schemes - is to provide laboratories with
 objective assessments of the accuracy and reliability of their test results.
 Proficiency Testing also provides the opportunity for laboratories
to benchmark their performance within a pooled industry group,
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