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Bika Health LIS 0.1

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Bika Health LIS
First version of Bika Health - Custom Bika LIMS 2 with patient demographics, clinical laboratory and EMR interfaces

This release is not of the preferred maturity, which means that it is probably still in development.

Available downloads

There are no available software files in this release yet.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5, Zope 2.9
State In progress
License GPL
Release Manager Lemoene Smit
Expected Release 2006/12/01

Initial Customisation and Development to fit the requirement of sponsor Advanta Laboratories for implementation in Ibadan, Nigeria

Early analysis indicates minor modification necessary on Bika LIMS 2 spec, and Patient Demographics module and clinical instrument interfaces to be added

Please track developments in the attached proposals below


We developed a prototype from the specification and added a few graphic elements and was successfully demonstrated at the SAHIA/OpenMRS/OSHCA conference in Durban mid June 2008

In September 2009 an OpenMRS HL7 interface was successfully demonstrated too

Bika Health discussion group

We are drawing much interest and offers of help for getting Bika Health developed and we would like to co-ordinate the project better. We are setting up a Google group to discuss requirements and plans. We would really appreciate your input. Please sign up at Bika-Health via the Apply for group membership link. Since mail is distributed from members only, there is little potential for spam

Bika Health flow diagram - LIMS for health laboratories

Feature enhancements in this release

The following features were added in this release:

#3: Patient Demographics DB
Collect all data objects and attributes here. Data Dictionary and Entity Relation Diagram. Notes and remarks

Change log


24 June 2008, Lemoene Smit

Key requirements for resource poor settings I gleaned from the presentations by the OpenMRS implementers:


Data transcription errors are BIG. Duplicates, Patient ID and Name validation issues were common complaints

I see an urgent need to interface lab instruments and whichever EMR is being used with the LIMS. The establishment of the OpenMRS Health LIMS interoperability working group could not have come sooner. Don't spare the horses

I don't support having a LIMS as EMR module or the LIMS handling Patient demographics and propose separate LIMS interfaced or sharing a database with the EMR: Sample ID and analyses requested IN; Sample ID and analysis results OUT

That'll resolve a host of other issues ranging from patient reports, summaries to health ministries to interpreting results per patient age, gender and weight etc.

At a basic level Bika is ready to exchange data per csv file as is currently done for bulk analysis requesting and results publication per file

If the interfacing has to be done per message, then's superb demo was a huge relief, it seems the answer for easy HL7 interfacing. Bika Health should also be customised to use's standard vocabulary

I demonstrated an early Bika Health prototype, including patient demographics based on our specification published earlier. This configuration is intended for 'deep rural' or other settings where an EMR is not in use. It would be available as preconfigured installation running a native database and requiring only a simple installation from flash drive or CD

Inventory management

Resource poor settings require good planning of reagent and consumable supplies. Bika's Suppliers and Product ordering subsystem provides the basic infrastructure for this already

Sample management

In some research laboratories, samples are divided and sent to different labs. This will require a few hacks to Bika's sample workflow, numbering and labelling. In some instances, as  much as 15% of samples are divided and part packed off to 3rd party labs as QC measure

Specimen are also retained for longish periods in the research labs and it would be beneficial to expand the current Bika sample workflow and chain of custody for this purpose

Other bases covered

By the both needs presenters and Bika:

  • Labelling and bar coding
  • Results reports per patient - Bika Health graphs multiple historical results on the same page
  • QC - There is a requirement to also facilitate external PT samples and analyses. Bika can easily be enhanced to flag some standards as PT and report on them separately
  • Results per encrypted email - we have not done the encrypted bit yet
  • Results per sample point. Bika has this functionality and it  can be used to track fridge temperatures

Patient Use Case document uploaded

18 September 2007

Patient Demographics DB updated

20 July 2007

Draft versions of Data Dictionary and Entity Relation Diagram uploaded - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems