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Bika Calendar was developed for Bika's LIMS systems as standalone Plone product for adoption and further enhancement in other Plone projects. It is used to configure the true working hours for an organisation, excluding non-working hours over night, weekends and holidays to make for accurate scheduling and efficiency reports

Latest release: Bika Calendar 1.0

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True Working hours calendar

For the calculation of late analyses, earlier Bika design uses total elapsed time between sample reception and results publication, not elapsed actual working hours. This resulted in analyses being flagged late incorrectly after weekends and public holidays

With the introduction of Bika Calendar, only true lab working hours for these alerts and turn around reports. The maximum time allowed for analyses are configured in the analysis services' set-up

Users with labmanager rights configure the lab's working days and hours for any future period in the calendar by setting up working shifts per day of the week for any selected period. He/she then defines holidays, either public holidays applicable to the whole industry or country, or holiday breaks applicable to the lab itself only. No working hours are assigned to holidays

The user may also want to set-up irregular, or exception days in the calendar. These are working days that differ from the default working days set up earlier and can for example be half days or longer days where extra shifts are scheduled to deal with extra or late work

The Bika Calendar's simple interface provides another overview and is discussed in the Manuals section of the Help centre, please see Bika Calendar Manual

Some what stale, Bika calendar specification (pdf)

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