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#1: Road Map to Bika Fire Assay 1.0

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1st Iteration project outline for a Bika Fire Assay LIMS to be used in Mining and Geology labs. Not in the scope here, in Phase 2, the system will be expanded to a mining enterprise solution including both research and production functionality
Proposed by
Joris Goudriaan
Seconded by
Lemoene Smit
Proposal type
System Requirements
Assigned to release
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assay - a chemical test performed on a sample of ores or minerals to determine the amount of valuable metals contained.

fluxing - a process used in the heating of metals which may be intended to reduce or eliminate oxidation, confine the products of oxidation, reduce their melting point, and improve fluidity of surface metal layers.

atomic absorption spectrometry (AA) instrumental method of determining element concentration by aspirating a sample solution into an acetylene or nitrous-oxide flame and passing light from the same element through the flame.The concentration of the element in the sample can be quantified by the amount of light absorbed by the element present within by the flame.

See Glossary in the Documentation section


For Mining prospects. Additionally to develop Bika SQL capacity and Unit tests. New modules to be kept modular for inclusion other Bika branches



The LIMS is to reside on an MSQL database, also to 'interface' with other apps in the enterprise running on MS Access

Ideal opportunity to make this move but also attempt to retain ZODB functionality for subsequent roll-outs

Many prospects have expressed requirements to be able to get their hands on data in tabular format. Bika Fire assay will allow for .csv exports from views such as work sheets and query results


  • Identify and scope new modules and customisations - the gap between Bika 1.2 and proposed Bika Fire Assay 1.0. See Gap analysis Wip
  • Put proposal and proof of concept presentation together, including

        Content management portal in wireframe
        Working LIMS
               leading off the wireframe
               customised as far possible to GAP analysis
        Worst case price guestimate
  • Present said proposal to first prospects
  • Aquire approval to develop
         Or/and publish discussion document on community portal
  • Detailed analysis and design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Production implementation


Over 9 month period up to 1 January 2007 - the plan as set out in the proposal section above


Gap Analysis deliverables

       wireframe enterprise shell
       fire assay LIMS via schema editor and language files

Progress log

1. Analysis started - 4 April 2006

2. Wire framing starts - 20 April 2006


Lemoene Smit
Joris Goudriaan
Mining analyst
Anneline Sweetnam
Inus Scheepers
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