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Bika Fire Assay

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Bika Fire Assay
Bika's planned LIMS for geology and the mining industry. Phase 1 specifically aimed at the fire assay procedure for mineral extraction. In a 2nd phase this will be expanded for other procedures and functionality towards an enterprise solution for exploration and production

Project Description

Additional resources

Phase 1 analysis and design have been completed and presented in the Bika Fire Assay 1 wireframe model of which the Worksheet templating and Quality Control modules will be included in upcoming Bika LIMS 2

Fire Assay 1.0

  • Customisation of Bika LIMS 2 to suit mining laboratories employing fire assay procedures
  • Full lab content management and web portal

Fire Assay 2.0

Added functionality for Tribology, Exploration and Production departments

Please visit additional project resources and documentation listed. Only information specific to Fire Assays is kept here, general information can be found in the Bika Help Centre. Check back regularly, or if you want, enable an RSS feed to receive notifications of updates

The documentation page includes a Glossary and useful Links. The Roadmap discusses future developments. More information gets added here continually, we introduced Software and Help Centre only recently

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