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Bika LIMS 3.0a1

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Major upgrade. New functionality and code restructuring, introducing Plone 4

This release is not of the preferred maturity, which means that it is probably still in development.

Available downloads

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 4.1
State Beta
License GPL
Release Manager Anneline Sweetnam
Expected Release 2012/03/31

Gaob LIMS 3 is nearing completion and targeted for official release 31 March 2012. The installer will use the latest Bika 'egg', currently a pre-alpha release

If you require a LIMS for production purposes immediately, consider Inkosi Bika LIMS 2.3. If not rather evaluate Gaob 3, built on modern and enhanced Plone 4.1

The latest Gaob code can be downloaded directly from the development repository at Github.  Alternatively, the current beta version can be evaluated on-line at  by requesting a login from Bika LIMS 3 demo request

Bika LIMS 3 now on GitHub

The Bikarepository has been moved to GitHub

Excerpts from the pre-alpha notes

In this version the LIMS set-up area is near complete:

Results calculations, including interim fields and dependent results, are completely user configurable now and new calculations can be added by authorised users without requiring programming skills

All setup items can now be de-activated, which will remove them from general view while maintaining database integrity

Plone 4's versioning is used to maintain references to historical data in the correct context, e.g. historical Analysis Requests will reflect the correct historical methods, prices, units etc., after the Analysis Service records they reference might have been modified

Plone's change note functionality is maintained in the Bika setup, as well as object locking to prevent more than 1 user editing the same item

Bika's Analysis, Analysis request and Worksheet workflows were also reworked and are now undergoing testing. Secondary cancellation workflow was introduced for these 'transactional' objects too, to keep cancelled items in the background but traceable and DB integrity intact

The user interface won't show it, but further workflow separation takes care of assigning Analyses to Worksheets, and to differentiate ARs and Worksheets awaiting results file attachments and delaying verification

Using Ajax, Plone 4's further improved user interface and a host of smaller enhancements, many clicks were saved and general performance improved.

The main Plone index, designed to index every bit of of the system in CMS style, was dismantled in favour of more LIMS specific indexes to further improve performance. This work continues

Lab-instrument server


Bika 3 On-line demonstration installation...


New Bika 3 icon set

Change log

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