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Bika LIMS 2.3.2

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Further enhancements and performance improvements

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For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5
State Final
License GPL
Release Manager lemoene Smit
Expected Release 2011/06/29

Further enhancements sponsored by Bika Lab Systems, Benchmark Laboratories, Quantum Analytics and BBK laboratory


Discussion and feedback

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Change log


Analysis categories - grouping Analyses by category throughout the system from initial requesting to invoices, results and management reports, etc.

Analysis results restrictions - specification of valid results entries, e.g. 'positive', 'negative' and 'indeterminable'. Where configured, any other entry is refused

Email and fax subject options. Standard Bika results reporting is lab centric, giving preference to the lab's Sample and Analysis Request IDs. These are often meaningless to clients - the system now allows this preference to be set per individual client

New instrument import formats for the Bartelt data collector, Foss WineScan Auto and FIAStar. The Bartelt data collector provides a hardware and communication framework to interface more than 120 serial instruments with Bika

Worksheet exports to instruments - users can now export instrument-specific worksheets to instruments capable of bi-directional interfacing, further improving turnaround and accuracy by eliminating potential transcription errors

PDF as results publication preference - emailed as attachment, formally laid out on lab's letter head

SMS results ready' notifications - Client Contacts with this preference enabled, receive SMS text notifications when their results are published

Result publication options synchronized and signatures added to emails. Results in email bodies, faxes and PDFs are now laid out exactly the same

Email batching of query results conforms to results publication formats. Ditto the above for emailed query results

IDServer batching of unique ID requests

Optimisation of worksheet searching on selection criteria

Extract tab added with extract for analysis services or profiles - used to synchronise look-up lists in spread sheets distributed to clients for bulk requesting of analyses

Batch update of analysis service prices. Save time by editing prices in a spreadsheet and upload all together.  Useful for periodic price reviews in labs with a long list of Analysis Services

German translation module added

Added a light query form which excludes analysis category and service

Batch size setting in analysis request lists - allows users to set list lengths

BikaMembers replaces UpfrontContacts


Significant performance improvements

Bugs fixed

Resolve client action conflicts
Sampled date validation
Drymatter formatting on output corrected
Correct default none workflows
Review portlet optimization
Pricelist prints blank for analysis service with price not defined



Bartelt data-collector. Laboratory instrument interfaces currently available

Specification Flyer

Manufacturer Models
Abbott Architect AXSYM CD1300 CD3200
CD-3500 (Cell-Dyn) CD-3000 (Cell-Dyn) CD-4000 (Cell-Dyn) IMX

ABX Diagnostics Pentra DX120

Alifax Group Alifax

Amelung AMAX KC 10 KC 40 (CR40) KC 40 PC

Assista KODAK 250

Bayer ADV60

Beckmann App. Densitometer Appraise Junior EL-ISE Syncron
Behnk Elektronik CL8 CompactXR

Bekton Dickinson Sedi-15

Berthold Gamma Counter

Biorad D10

Canbera Packard Gamma Counter

Chiron Chiron 248

CibaCorning ACS

Coulter / IC Coulter ACTdiff Coulter C. T540/660/890 Coulter Counter STKS Coulter MAX M
DiaMed DiamedReader M DiamedReader NW

Dipro GmbH Diesse Vesmatic 20

Drott Fiske 110 Fiske 2400

Dupont ACA SX

Eppendorf / Müller EBIO 6666 EBIO plus EFOX 5053 / 5055 EFUX

Genotech Onko030 Onko050

Greiner Sed Rate Screener

Hirschmann Lipo Script AT

IL ACL Futura BG3 Coulter HMX IL 943
Instrumentation Labaratory GEM Premier 3000

Menarini AutionMAX Microtech OM6050 Sedimax
MLA Electra

Müller Platinum

Nova / Bartelt Nova 10+10 Nova CCX Nova STAT profile
Olympus AU400 Fractoscan Junior HITE 200

Pharmacia IC250 Pharmcup

Radiometer ABL 300 ABL 520 ABL 625 ABL 700

Roche AVL 947 AVL 984 / 988-3 / 988-4 AVL 995 AVL Omni
AVL Opti Cobas 6000 Cobas B221 Cobas C311
Cobas Core Elecsys 2010 Elecsys1010 ES 300
Fibrintimer A H232 Hitachi 704 Hitachi 717
Hitachi 902 Hitachi 911 Hitachi 912 Hitachi 917
Integra400 Integra700 ISE 2020 Miditron Junior
Miditron M Modular ST4 STA-Compact
STA-R Urisys 2400 Urotron RL9
Sarstedt Sedi Plus 2000 SediPlus S 100 SediPlus S 200
Sebia Sebia-Densitometer

Siemens ADVIA ADVIA Centaur Clinitek 200+ Coagulation System
Coagulation Timer DCA Dimension Easylink
Immolite Immulite2000 Nephelometer 100 Nephelometer II
OPUS plus Prospec Reflotron Sprint Streamlab
Sysmex Sysmex SIS

Sysmex / Müller Reti Counter Sysmex CA 1000 Sysmex CA 1500 Sysmex CA 5000
Sysmex CA 7000 Sysmex CC 180 Sysmex CC 780 Sysmex CS2100i
Sysmex K 4500 Sysmex K1000 Sysmex M 2000 Sysmex NE 1500
Sysmex NE 8000 Sysmex R 2000 Sysmex SE9000 Sysmex SF3000
Sysmex UF100 Sysmex XE2100 Sysmex XS1000 Sysmex XT2000
Sysmex XT4000

Technicon H3


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