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Bika LIMS 2.0

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Many feature enhancements and new modules: Product specification, analysis request and worksheet profiles/templates, full graphical quality control suite, accounts interface, true working hours calendar, new management reports, etc.

This release is not of the preferred maturity, which means that it is probably still in development.

Available downloads

There are no available software files in this release yet.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5
State RC
License GPL
Release Manager Anneline Sweetnam
Expected Release 2007/09/01

Release date

Released 26 May 2008 as version is 2.1 and includes a number of enhancements on the original 2.0 specification, development of which was sponsored by Quantum Analytical Services. For downloads and more information, please see the Bika LIMS Inkosi 2.1 project page

Downloads and mailing lists, trackers, hosted by Logo

Feature enhancements in this release

The following features were added in this release:

#2: Plone 2.5. True time calendar. CSV Import/Export
First goals for Bika 2
#3: Worksheet 'Template Engine'
Bika 2 - Worksheet Template maintenance. Functional specification and use cases. Version 0.2 , lemoene, 24 January 2007
#4: Quality Control
Bika 2 QC. Standards, their Specifications and Suppliers, Duplicates (Checks), Blanks andCalibrations. Analysis Request and Worksheet flow. Reports and graphs, Trends, Distribution and % Error
#5: Bika LIMS 2.0 - Functional Specification and Use Cases
Publish a specification for beta testers to use

Change log

New features and functionality

  • Analysis Request (AR) profiles per sample type and client - regularly requested analysis sets are grouped in profiles for one click AR creation
  • Worksheet (WS) templates - one click creation of standard worksheets per laboratory workstation, automating sample type and analyses selection, analyst, instrument and tray size, inclusion of calibration samples, standards, blanks and duplicates
  • Sample custody workflow and disposal alerts
  • Full Quality Control suite, including Standards and Standards Supplier maintenance, the use of blanks and duplicate samples, instrument calibrations and graphical reporting on trends, distribution curves, relative % error and inter-laboratory proficiency testing results
  • AR and WS rejection and re-testing workflows
  • Product specifications and out of range alerts applied per sample type and client. Clients maintain their own criteria
  • Enhanced accounts interface including credit checks before accepting new requests for analyses
  • Bulk Analysis Request creation and Results publication per comma delimited file. Logs of imports
  • Granular audit trails. Of Samples, Analyses, Analysis requests, Worksheets, Orders, Invoices, Web content edits
  • Digitally signed Prints as publication option
  • True working hours calendar to take public holidays and non-working hours into consideration when calculating late analysis alerts
  • A host of smaller improvements
'All/Recent' analysis listings

'All' option for mass completion of Analysis Request forms

CC'ing of results to third parties

Invoicing of third parties

Comma delimited query results exports

All displayed e-mail addresses live
  • New reports and graphs
Turnaround times not met

QC trends

QC standard distribution

QC duplicates - relative percentage error

Graphing of existing reports

Further enhancements to CMS functionality available since Bika 1.2:
  • Integrated Help centre including amongst others site specific FAQs, Manuals, Tutorials and Instruction movies to facilitate ongoing training, reference and revision. See Bika's Help Centre
  • Full web Content Management (CMS). All lab related documentation prepared in private and published to the LIMS portal from a singular laboratory repository and application, the LIMS. All documents, hyper-linked for easy retrieval, SOPs, guides, standards, methods, safety regulation, news and events, promotions, time sheets and leave forms, instrument manuals, etc
  • Migration to Plone 2.5

The complete 'Bika LIMS 2.0 - Functional Specification and Use Cases' is now available as pdf here

Also see the (now rather dated)  New Functions specification  and  Wireframe model at the  Bika community portal. The Micro-Biological part in these designs are not included in Bika 2 yet - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems