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This is the project page for production release of open source web based Bika, Inkosi LIMS 2, with integrated document and LIMS portal management. Gaob LIMS 3 is nearing completion and a third release candidate is available for download.

Latest release: Bika LIMS 2.3.3

Vastly improved Gaob Bika LIMS 3 is nearing completion and recommended in stead
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Download Bika LIMS for all platforms (1.1 MB)
Bika 2.3 Product only
Download Bika LIMS for all platforms (4.7 MB)
Plone & Bika 2.3 Product bundle

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Project Description

Additional resources

Gaob Bika LIMS 3

Bika is being migrated to Plone 4 and in the interest of future maintenance and performance, and facilitating new functionality, the opportunity was used to undertake significant code restructuring

Online demonstration installation, User Manual, Translations, Github code repository and Code analysis

What sets Bika apart

Features and Benefits

  • Shorten turnaround time · Publish results and attachments to the web immediately upon verification · Email, PDF, fax, CSV, SMS notifications · Anywhere in the world · Multilingually
  • ISO 17025 accreditation ready · Logs and audit trails
  • Realtime sample and analysis request status tracking · Flexible workflow
  • Full web content management integration - More than a LIMS · Publish regulatory information, news and training material on-line to clients and personnel · The power of Plone CMS
  • No annual licensing · Unlimited users and servers · On OSS, no web server, database or operating system license fees
  • Browser based · No desktop installation · Easy does it
  • Configurable roles and authorisation using Plone's unrivaled security
  • Legacy & set-up data imports
  • Eliminate human error · Automated data capturing · Bi-directional instrument interfaces · Barcodes
  • Analysis batching per case or project
  • Sample partitioning · Container & preservation automation
  • User configurable calculated results
  • Invoicing · Financial software interface
  • Customised to requirement · Optional sampling and preservation workflows · Alerts for pending tasks
  • Integrated QC controls and calibrations · Graphs
  • Management and and efficiency reports
  • Powerful live search engine

Help centre, manuals, training and support on-line

Secure · SSL encryption·Digital site certification

Platform independent · Scalable

All industry standard operating systems
and databases

[FSF Associate Member]

Free Software Foundation
associate member

Bika Flow including sampling 400

Workflow details in the manual

SaaS · Cloud based

Hosted LIMS Service

  • Low risk and capital outlay
  • Simplify budgets and pricing
  • Unlimited users
  • Full functionality branded to lab colours
  • No technical personnel required on site
  • Nominal set-up & monthly subscription

Bika Server

On-site server per broadband Internet connection

Implementation, training and start-up support · Email, dial-in, screen cast, on-line issue tracking and telephonic support contracts

Bika Branches

Bika Systems can be installed in standard configuration or tailored to lab requirement. Bika branches are enhanced for recognised laboratory disciplines. All are available on-site or cloud based and SaaS

Bika LIMS thumbnail

Bika Wine thumbnail
Bika's generic LIMS
Bika for Wine

Bika Health - open source web based LIMS  for health laboratories

Bika Interlab thumbnail
Bika for Health laboratories
Web-based LIMS for inter-laboratory
comparison and proficiency testing

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