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Post-implementation user and systems administration support. On-line issue tracking · email · dial-in · telephonic · on-site

Email, dial-in, screen-sharing and phone support, systems and network administration, on-site if required. Bika employs an on-line issue tracker for labs to log, escalate and track the progress of issues

Bika favours prepaid 'buckets' of support hours that labs use as the need arises, ordering the next bucket as the current nears its bottom. Fixed monthly contracts do not take higher initial demand into account, which then tapers off to none as in-house skills grow. Using prepaid hours Labs don't lose hours that they would've paid for on monthly contracts

Depending on in-house skills many labs using Bika LIMS, become self-sufficient in 6 - 9 months. LIMS support budgets, and savings on license fees, can then be used on further customisations, or elsewhere in the lab

All of Bika's services can be ordered per prepaid hour, and delivered remotely via secure encrypted log-on and via the LIMS' web interface. Training and support is carried out using screen sharing

LIMS requirements analysis

Functional specification and design

Customisations & testing

Installation of the server platform, back-up and security procedures. On-site or cloud

LIMS installation and branding

LIMS Configuration

Start-up assistance

Training. 'Training the trainer', lab clerks, analysts, LIMS managers & web portal editors

Lab and client manuals, on-line and print files

Project management and administration

User support

Technical support and systems administration

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