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Bika Services

LIMS Requirement analysis · Customisation and Implementation projects · Support contracts · Training · Data conversion · Set-up & configuration · Start-up assistance · Web sites · LIMS consulting

The Bika software is free

Download and install your own
Installation Guides

Bika 3 User manual

No license fees, unlimited users

SaaS hosted LIMS service

Bika hosts your LIMS service off-site · Priced nominally per GB memory used

LIMS Implementations

Complete project cycles

  • LIMS Requirement analysis
  • Design – delivered as functional user specification
  • Customisations & Testing
  • Installation of the server platform, back-up and security procedures. On-site or cloud
  • LIMS Configuration
  • Start-up assistance
  • LIMS branding
  • 'Training the trainer', lab clerks, analysts, lab and LIMS managers, LIMS web portal editors
  • Lab and client manuals, on-line and print files
  • Project Management and administration

Tailor made customisation

Laboratory specific customisation of the standard modules is quoted for separately per functional specification and includes interfacing downstream legacy and/or accounting systems or upstream interfaces with analysis instruments

User and Technical Support

Email, dial-in, phone and on-site support on pre-paid support buckets. Labs use it only where the need arises and don't lose hours that they would've paid for on fixed monthly contracts that do not take diminishing demand into account as in-house skills grow. It depends on in-house skills levels, but many labs become self-sufficient within months. See Support Packages

Bika employs an on-line issue tracker for labs to log, escalate and track the progress of issues. Bika Clients access the tracking system, log and assign issues for high and immediate issue awareness project-wide and often sees early resolution from collective experience

Community tracker Bika users not making use of our commercial support services, may log issues to be resolved by community members and our technical staff when available. The Bika Help Centre provides a wealth of support material such as manuals, and installation guides, How-to documentation, demonstration videos and linked web resources

LIMS Consulting

Project Management and Administration, Business & LIMS analysis, User requirements, Functional and Database design and specification, Use Case documents, Technical and User documentation and drawings, Project Proposals, etc. Also see Bika project management methodology


Additional training. LIMS implementation projects includes training.

Data Conversion

Migration of data from legacy or paper based systems, e.g. clients, analytical services list, results, etc.

Installation and Configuration

Download and install your own

See the Installation Guides

Bika 3 User manual

Assistance with lab specific set-up. After training lab staff are able to do this themselves

Web Portals

Web integration options for LIMS or corporate website for the lab, customisation of look and feel of public sites accessed by clients


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