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Quantum Analytical Services

Quantum Analytical Services · Malmesbury, Western Cape - South Africa · Telephone +27 22 487 1285 · Chemical and micro-biological analytical services to corporate and private agricultural industry · Chemical and micro-biological LIMS analysis, design, development and implementation by Bika Lab Systems as Bika LIMS 2

Quantum Analytical Services - open source web based Bika LIMS 2Professional chemical and micro-biological analysis of animal feeds, water and fresh meat · Hygiene surveys and HACCP compliancy support

Quantum specialises in

  • Analysis of commercial feeds and ingredients
  • Product specification validation
  • Feed energy calculations
  • Rancidity and micro toxin level determination
  • Chemical and micro biological analysis of potable water
  • Hygiene surveys and HACCP support of farms, abattoirs and factory premises
  • Shelf life determination of meat products

Bika products and services

Bika LIMS 2.0 Inkosi for chemical analysis · LIMS development and implementation.  Gap and functional analysis and design, development, installation and configuration. Training. Project management

Future Micro-biological LIMS, Bika Bio -  analysis and design, functional specification

In all my years of laboratory management I have rarely come across a
similar situation where mutual trust and an honest desire to look after
the interests of a client is placed before financial gain

Patrick Griffiths CEO

Quantum Analytical Services sponsored the Bika LIMS 2.0  development

Quantum Analytical Services

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