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Bika Clients and Users

AWRI runs a unique Tannin LIMS portal

Australian Wine Research Institute · Glen Osmond, Australia · Bika LIMS-based Tannin Web Portal for the analysis of tannin, total phenolics and total pigment in, using only a spectrophotometer and Internet connection.

The portal contains a database of more than 3000 Australian red wine tannin and total phenolics concentrations based on vintage, region and variety used for benchmarking individual results in context

Analytical Science Technologies - laboratory instruments, consumables and LIMS interfaces
Analytical Science Technologies represents a number of major manufacturers and suppliers of analytical instrumentation and consumables.

Products and services include Spectroscopy, Chromatography, X-Ray Spectrometry, Electro-chemistry and Gas generators. Web portal by Bika

Bio-remediation of oil-contaminated soils - Bio-Systems SA
Bio-Systems SA · Cape Town South Africa · Scientific services and products for the biological treatment of effluent and the bio-remediation of oil-contaminated soils. Bika provides portal content management, hosting training and support services

LIMS for the wine and beverages lab disciplines

Breëriviervallei Botteleringskoöperasie Beperk · Worcester, Breede River Valley, South Africa · ISO certified wine bottling and accredited analytical services to member estates, co-operatives, international buyers and chain stores

Bika Wine 1.2 Server, web based LIMS for wine laboratories, implemented from user requirement in SANAS accredited ISO 17025 lab · Bika Lab Systems continues to support and expand this installation

LIMS for water quality management

The City of uMhlathuze · Richards Bay · South Africa · Public water quality laboratory · Chemical and micro-biological analysis of potable, surface water, sewage and industrial effluent

Bika Water 1 for Water QC · Full LIMS development and implementation, life cycle. Training. Project management

Bika Lab Systems' project team members are not only passionate Open Source enthusiasts, but highly skilled and professional, with the ability to contribute towards the improvement of service delivery to residents. Bika Water is slick, easy to use and will no doubt improve the lab's turnaround and accuracy further. Arnold Alan, COU project manager

LIMS for tribology
Exertus Laboratories · Transformer Oil Laboratory and Consultancy Services, oil analyses and certification. Bika Tribos, LIMS for oil laboratories analysis and design

Environmental LIMS
IAEA & CICA · International Atomic Energy Association and Centro de Investigación en Contaminación Ambiental · Bika Inkosi in pesticide residue and contaminant analysis of soil and water in Central and Latin America by the IAEA's Food and Environmental Protection program. Bika hosts and trains IAEA fellows
Bika Cannabis LIMS
Kenevir Research serves Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, producers and consumers with laboratory services and consulting using Bika LIMS 3 . Kenevir recognises the importance of clean, effective cannabis medications and seeks to enable customers and partners with high quality cannabis analytics

Lab San Martin logo 180 x 110
Laboratorio San Martín · San José, Costa Rica · An ECA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory with more than 30 years of chemical and microbiological analysis experience in the clinical, environmental, food and industrial health disciplines. Lab San Martín is known for its precise and reliable results, evaluations and diagnostics in environmental assessments, and dietary, hazard, risk and vulnerability studies

Early Bika LIMS 3 adoption. Installation by Bika Lab Systems

Lubrisol logo
Lubrisol de Colombia Ltda · Bogotá · Colombia. Established in 1987, Lubrisol serves the lubricants and synthetic coolants market in the metalworking industry, implementing new production techniques and using Bika as tribology LIMS to improve quality management. The lab monitors lubricant quality against control samples to advise clients on equipment maintenance and replacement

Metalurgical and multi-disciplinary LIMS

Manganese Metal Company · The single largest producer of pure electrolytic manganese metal in the world

MMC produces only selenium-free electrolytic manganese - the purest form of manganese - since 1960, with a capacity is 27,000 tonnes per annum, from a single cellhouse, equipped to pass 56,000A current.

MMC is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certified. Multi disciplinary LIMS analysis and design by Bika Lab Systems

The Perishable Products Export Control Board · Cape Town, South Africa · Certification and cold chain management for producers and exporters of perishable food products · Plone 3 content management & migration · Event Management, Temperature Logs, Debtor's Registration and Surveys development · Training & Support

Profluid logo
Profluid · Ulm, Germany· Profluid provides analytical services for metal working, machine building and the automotive industry. The lab monitors of metal working fluids, industrial and automotive lubricants and process water. After moving premises, Profluid regains ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in July 2012.

In addition to analytical services, Profluid consultant clients on fluid management, corrosion, material incompatibilities and organisational management. A third branch being start-up up, distributes filtration solutions for process fluids and air cleaners for machine tools to improve working conditions in metal working.

LIMS for agriculture

Quantum Analytical Services · Malmesbury, South Africa · Telephone +27 22 487 1285 · Chemical and micro-biological analytical services to corporate and private agricultural industry

Bika LIMS 2.0 Inkosi for chemical analysis · LIMS development and implementation. Gap and functional analysis and design, development, installation and configuration. Training. Project management

Future Micro-biological LIMS, Bika Bio - analysis and design, functional specification

In all my years of laboratory management I have rarely come across a
similar situation where mutual trust and an honest desire to look after
the interests of a client is placed before financial gain
Patrick Griffiths CEO

Sigma logo S.I.G.M.A. Refrattari Tecnici Industriali · Locate Varesino · Italy . ISO 9001:2000 accredited producers of refractory materials for the international glass industry, a market leader through 'alcoholic-binder' technology and innovative products and quality service. Quality management is supported by a well equipped lab doing a range of related analyses, from thermal expansion and refractoriness under load to x-ray fluorescence and diffraction to determine the physical and chemical characteristics of refractory materials.
South African Wine Spectroscopic Association · "To further the exchange of knowledge of spectroscopy by means of conferences, meetings and publications, and to promote research, study and the use and application of spectroscopy at universities, technikons, research laboratories and in industry". Web portal by Bika

Inter-laboratory proficiency testing (PT) LIMS

South African Wine Laboratory Association · Stellenbosch, South Africa · SAWLA forms part of the South African Society for Enology & Viticulture, SASEV, and aims to improve the quality of wine laboratories in South Africa, as well as the standardisation of methodology in these labs. SAWLA administers a monthly proficiency wine analysis round in Bika's ground breaking web-based inter-laboratory LIMS

Bika Interlab 1.0 web based LIMS for inter-laboratory proficiency testing · Implementation from user requirement · Content management system · Training and support

Your expertise and attitude continue to impress
I'm really happy to be on board with Bika

Altus Schreuder M.Sc. South African Wine Laboratory Association chairman

Sri Lanka Medical Research Council

Sri Lanka Medical Research Institute· Colombo · Sri Lanka. The MRI, under the direct purview of the Ministry of Health, is the pinnacle of clinical laboratory investigations in Sri Lanka and performs several investigations not available in any other laboratory in Sri Lanka. It is the Sri Lanka Central Diagnostic and National Reference Laboratory, and also the South Asia Regional Reference Laboratory for poliomyelitis.

You will not be able to get this kind of support even if you pay millions of rupees to commercial software companies to develop a LIMS
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