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13.3. Preservation

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Some Sample partitions will require preservation if configured for it - this section covers Bika Water's treatment of this workflow step

Preservation information can be captured in the same step as the Sampling data. For this example, preservation is treated as a separate step

The user navigates to the Sample to be preserved from the to be preserved alerts or Sample list, and opens its |edit| tab. The sampling information will be completed earlier and below that will be areas for each Sample partition, for both partitions to be preserved and those not requiring preservation

For preserved partitions, the user completes:

Date Preserved - can also be selected from a calendar widget

Preserver - from a drop-down menu of all users authorised as preservers in the system. This once more ensures that a user other than the actual Preserver, say a lab clerk, may capture this data. The lab clerk's name and date/time stamp is captured to the Sample's log in the LIMS

Preservation remarks

When all the data are captured, press [save]

The LIMS returns the user to the Sample's |view| tab. If all compulsory preservation data were captured, the Sample will now be in preserved status and may now be analysed

The Sample's |log| displays the user responsible for all the actions and when they were taken as well as the time spent in each state

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