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How to translate Gaob Bika 3

This How-to applies to: 3

Translate Bika 3 via the easy-to-use web interface at

Bika inherits Plone's translations and i18n (internationalisation) architecture which makes it possible to translate the system using a centralised dictionary set of .po files provides an easy-to-use web interface to translate the texts in the Bika dictionary

Any user may translate Bika. Approved new translations are taken up into future releases but can also be downloaded directly from the Bika Transifex pages and used in existing installations

To contribute to a translation, you'll have to register at Transifex first (free)

Two dictionaries have to be translated, Bika's own, as well as the Bika strings in the Plone i18n domain, here:

Bika i18n

Bika Plone i18n

Bika Health logo 274x

If you are translating Bika Health, also translate these dictionaries:

Bika Health

Plone Health

Follow the steps below but note that the Transifex user interface, translation and reviewing workflow is developing quite fast and the instructions here might be out of date in places. Please report any discrepancies to us at

1. If your language of choice is not listed yet, add it from the [+ Add new translation] button. You could also copy an existing translation: Click on the translation you want to copy to open it, then click [Clone to new language]

2. To work on a translation, click on it to open it, and then click [Translate now]

3. The translation will be locked automatically to inform other users that you are working on it

4. A two column table opens. The left hand column lists the 'Source String' that's to be translated from English. Enter or modify a translation for the string in its corresponding cell in the right hand column

5. You can also use the auto translate button to assist. Hover the cursor on the border separating the source string and the translation cells for the 'auto translate' button to appear. Clicking it will see Transifex do a translation which you may then edit

6. You can save each string as you translate them from its [save the specific change] button, or save all translations when done by pushing the [save all] button at the bottom of the page. It is possible to configure an auto-save function in your settings

7. Saved translations are reviewed by the Bika team and included in future releases. If you want to use your translation immediately, export it from Transifex by following the [Download for viewing] link. Save the .po files to the locales folder in your Bika installation

Remember to set your browser to navigate Bika in your preferred language - the browser language setting is used to determine which translation will be displayed. See configuring your browser language

Please let us know at on how to improve this document

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