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How to get system issues attended to fast

This How-to applies to: Any version.

You have an issue with the system and the help desk cannot fix it and is asking for more information. The delays are costing you time and everybody is frustrated. How to get the issue resolved soonest:

Submit the issue on-line

By submitting issues in an on-line tracker, all of the Bika technical team are informed immediately and its resolution can be co-ordinated and scheduled without delay - it remains the most effective way to manage issue resolution

Please log issues and feature requests in the Bika issue tracker

Screenshots please

We currently use formidable Jira and if you install highly recommended Jira Capture in your browser, screenshots can be captured and annotated without breaking stride.

It is important that you get enough  information to the help desk to help them resolve the issue. More information can be conveyed in writing and technicians get more done if they stay off the phone

One issue per tracker item

To make it easier to manage issues to resolution, please submit only one issue per tracker item

Meaningful subject line

Please give issues meaningful titles to make it easier to find them on list displays, email folders and using search functions on-line

Answer these questions

1. What did you try to do? Where in the system were you and what action caused the error

NB. Please copy the web address from the browser and include in the issue

2. What user authorisation did you use? E.g. lab clerk, analyst or lab manager?

3. What did you expect to happen?

4. What happened?

5. Any error messages? If the system produced an error message, or trace back, please try to copy the text and past it into your email or tracker submission. Attach screen shots if necessary. In follow-up, support technicians might also request copies of your server log is easy for pasting and posting long texts

Maintain the issue resolution work-flow

We recently moved the Bika tracker from Github to Jira, please see for general issues

  1. When a user posts an item to the tracker, it is created with status 'open' in the tracker
  2. Managers will assign the issue to a technician and he/she changes its status to 'In progress' when starting on it 
  3. And 'Resolve' it when done
  4. This is the submitter's signal, per email, to re-test the issue. If it persists, comment and Re-open' it
  5. If and when tested successfully, please change it status to 'Closed', watch it disappear from the list and experience a few moments of feel good - Home of Bika Lab Systems, implementers of web based open source LIMS, Plone hosting and content management systems   Powered by Plone, the open source content management system. Customised and maintained by Bika Lab Systems