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Bika LIMS Products

LIMS server · Software as a Service (SaaS) - hosted LIMS · Tailor made customisations

SaaS hosted LIMS service

Let Bika host your LIMS service off-site · On the cloud or server farm near you · Priced nominally per GB of memory used

Download and install your own

See the Installation Guides

Bika 3 User manual

Bika aims to grow her LIMS into a laboratory enterprise solution, including accounting and customer relations, accreditation management modules, but the system remains modular for labs to fit a system to requirement without having to invest in functionality that won’t be used

Bika LIMSs are structured around a Standard Server edition to which clients may add customisations. Other services pertaining to LIMS acquisition, i.e. training and start-up support are included in Bika implementation projects

Bika Branches provide solutions enhanced for recognised laboratory disciplines. Bika's LIMSs are ISO 17025 ready since version 1.2 July 2006

The Bika Hosted LIMS service, or SaaS, offers a very affordable off-site LIMS service priced nominally per GB of memory used, in any of the Bika Branches

Additional Bika services, like further customisation, periodical support packages and LIMS consulting, are described on the Services page

Standard Bika Server workflow and functionality

All Bika modules can be refined further to lab specification

Future developments are discussed in road maps in the Bika Software centre

For more information on Bika products, please contact us

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Bika's generic LIMS
Bika for Wine
Bika Health - Open source web based LIMS for Health laboratories
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Bika for Health laboratories Web-based LIMS for inter-laboratory
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