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Bika LIMS 1.2.2 released on Plone 2.5

Now available for download

New Bika LIMS 1.2.2 release features the ISO 17025 compatibility of its predecessor and has been migrated to popular Plone 2.5 by a Bika Lab Systems development team. Plone 2.5, Zope 2.9 and Python 2.4 are now supported by default

Cape Winelab has taken the LIMS into production skinned as Bika Wine 1.2.2 and the Bika on-line demonstration installation was upgraded too. The Wine and Interlab skins, currently in migration, will be released in February

Plone's web content management capabilities remain intact and Bika continues to offer laboratories a web portal for news and information to prospects, clients and staff

The Bika LIMS project page was updated with the functional specification earlier, please see: Modifications to Bika LIMS for ISO 17025 accredited labs

Bika's comprehensive role-based security and audit trail, saw only minor customisations implemented for Bika anchor client BBK to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation

Once accredited, laboratories set themselves up as such in the LIMS set-up by entering accreditation authority information and checking accredited analyses - corresponding which the required logos an accreditation texts are displayed system-wide

Analysis confidence levels and measures of uncertainty are calculated from intercept tables set-up for each analysis service. Titration values and factors are explicitly captured and automated on Worksheets. Two new specialist roles, previously included in that of lab manager, were created - verifier and publisher - to be assigned to senior analysts for verifying and publishing results when necessary

What's New in Plone 2.5

There are a few user-visible changes in Plone 2.5, the bulk of which are under the hood. It is a release with a significant focus on infrastructure improvements and the first release that utilises Zope 3 technologies. The end result is increased performance, flexibility, customisability, and testability. It is now easier than ever to create internationalised applications

Bika users will note improved internationalisation and performance through caching and compression techniques, and be able to drag and drop while reordering folder contents

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