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Bika LIMS source released

Bika LIMS released with the GNU General Public License. Downloads from: Original Release date September 2005

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Version 1.0 of Bika Lab Systems' laboratory information management system has been released under the GNU General Public License and is available for download at

Please distribute to the interested. (Un)subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Bika v1.0, developed in Plone was commercially deployed at Western Cape winery BBK on 1 June 2005 and features the standard Bika functionality and optional modules also available in the Bika on-line demonstration installation, and includes:

  • On-line analysis requests and status monitoring

  • Analysis request and job card management, workflow, audit logs and notifications

  • Sample labelling, manual and automated results capturing and validation, publication by e-mail and fax

  • Monthly statements, management reports and queries

  • Product orders and price lists

  • Client user and staff authorisation management

Bika is built in Zope and Plone, object oriented application server and web content management systems, programmed in Python. Bika therefore is browser based, platform independent and integrates with no desktop disruption.

In standard implementation, Bika bases data in the Zope Object Store (ZODB), but can easily be modified to most open source or commercial DBMSs such as mySQL, Postgresql, MS SQL, Ingres, Oracle and Informix.

On-line security is maintained through the Internet's secure socket layer (SSL), 128 bit encryption, and trusted digital certification configured during implementation

The Bika Sourceforge project features pages for downloading the latest releases and documentation, issue trackers for bugs and solutions, technical issues, patches and feature requests. Forums and mailing lists are available for developers and users to discuss Bika topics and a news page provides information about new developments.

Bika Lab Systems, in sponsoring the project, pledges its commitment to keep the source code free and available at, and to maintain effective organisational support.

As sustainable commercial entity, Bika Lab Systems offers professional LIMS services to customers including requirement analysis, customisations, implementation, project management, training, systems administration, customer and technical support and the provision of an on-line LIMS service (ASP). At Sourceforge the company wishes users and developers to share issues for resolution not only by Bika Lab Systems itself, but a wider support network.

With the participation of open source enthusiasts in the scientific, academic and business open source community, Bika plans to grow the application into a modular cross industry LIMS and laboratory enterprise solution, featuring accounts and CRM packages.

Specifications and design for microbiology modules have been completed and modules are planned for the health, engineering and geology sectors. Laboratories are invited to submit requirement documentation.

For regular updates and participation in the project, we recommend subscribing to one of our mailing lists.

Bika Project at

Bika Lab Systems on the web:

Mailing List for users:

Mailing List for developers:

Download Bika 1.0:

Best regards,

The Bika team
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