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Bika Now Multilingual

Bika now available in Afrikaans, English, Dutch and Italian. Original Publishing date: December 2005

Bika Lab Systems through the help of the open source community has increased the available languages that the Bika LIMS runs in.

At this moment Bika is available in the following languages:

  • English

  • Afrikaans

  • Dutch

  • Italian

Translating Bika is a very easy and user friendly process:

Setting the language for Bika is done through the Internet Browse language settings

  1. Setting in languages in browsers:
    1. In Firefox, this would be done by selecting; 'Tools' -> 'Options' from the menu options. In the Options pop-up go to the 'General' tab, click on the 'Languages..' button and select the language you want to use
    2. In Internet Explorer, "Tools' -> 'Internet Options'. In the 'Internet Options' pop-up, click on the language button and select the language of your choice
    3. Refresh Bika in your browser and the LIMS should be displayed in the language selected. If the language selected still shows in English, then it may be that your selected language has no Bika translation yet
  2. Adding a Language for Bika:
    1. It is recommended that you check first of the language is available in Plone ( For existing Plone translations see: as that will allow the general Plone components to be displayed in your selected languages. If it is not available we suggest you first follow the Plone's translation policies
    2. Once you've checked that your language does exist in Plone, please check on your Bika server if the language file (i.e. Bika-nl.po) has been created for your selected language. The default repository should be: ...Data/Products/bika/i18n/ This within your Zope or Plone product directories. Within the 'i18n' directory you will see a bunch of files (i.e. Bika-af.po, Bika-en.po, etc.). Each of these files contains translations for languages
    3. To create a new one, copy the English file and rename it to a file with your requested language; i.e. For the Dutch language file, it will be Bika-nl.po. I.e. NL is the ISO 2 letter code for Netherlands
    4. Once finalized and saved to the i18n repository, after refresh in your browser Bika should appear in the language of your choice

We would like to thank the following people for having contributed additional translations:

Afrikaans:    Lemoene Smit

Dutch:          Joris Goudriaan

Italian:         Pierpaolo Baldan


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