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Bika 1.2 "ISO 17025 Ready"

Bika LIMS 1.2 "ISO 17025 Ready" available for download Original Release date: November 2006

Open sourced Bika LIMS 1.2 has been released and is now available for download from Sourceforge (

Bika LIMS 1.2 is the latest release of Bika's generic LIMS trunk and is ISO 17025 ready - BBK laboratory, Worcester, South Africa, has already been accredited using Bika Wine 1.2.

Up to version 1.1, Bika LIMS still carried many inherited references to Bika Wine, the branch Bika started out as. These have all been removed and the LIMS can now be customised to any lab discipline with even greater ease.

The Bika LIMS project page has been updated with the 1.2 functional specification earlier, please see: Modifications to Bika LIMS for ISO 17025 accredited labs.

New functionality / Upgrades

  • Portal content management simplified
  • Accreditation functionality completed
  • Statements renamed to Invoices
  • Jobcards renamed to Worksheets
  • New identification fields added to analysis request 
  • Client Reference, Sample Type and Sample Point
  • Welcome page introduced
  • Late analyses list linked from late analyses portlet 
  • Accreditation body logo and details added to laboratory info
  • Accreditation logo, disclaimers added throughout web site
  • Laboratory confidence level value data driven from laboratory info
  • Analyses methods provided as pop-up where analyses are listed
  • Titration factors and titration volumes added to analyses and worksheets
  • Measure of uncertainties introduced per analysis and intercept
  • Two new specialist roles created - verifier and publisher
  • Sample test data load script -
  • Generic instrument data import tool 
  • Login portlet added on front page
  • Modifications required to support Bika Interlab 
  • Permit analysis parent, sample, to be in 'released' state.

Bugs Fixed
SourceForge tracker issue numbers:
  • 1566324: Logged in page redirected to welcome page.
  • 1573299: LiveSearch - Added permissions to InvoiceLineItem. 
  • 1573083: Status Drop Down - Invoicing
  • 1551957: Contacts not visible to other contacts. Correct local owner role
  • 1566334: Position of 'add new ar' button changed to conform to other forms
  • 1532008: Query results sort order most recent first
  • 1532770: Order default listing correction
  • 1558458: Member discount data driven in messages on AR forms
  • 1538354: SubTotal and VAT calculation on edit AR
  • 1532796: AR edit - allow change of contact


For more information, please visit, or e-mail

The Bika Labs Team

BBK accredited using Bika Wine 1.2
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